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Full Stack workflow for developing vehicle HMI for next-gen digital cockpits. Empowering mobility companies to create cutting-edge occupant experiences.

What is Spatial HMI?

Our Vision for next-gen HMI
Spatial HMI is an emerging megatrend and a new, greenfield content paradigm. Enabled by technologies such as Transparent Displays (HUDs and HMDs), every transparent surface becomes a media channel, linking content contextually to the outside world.

The car is becoming one of our most powerful computing device due to autonomous capability and ADAS features. Not long from now, getting in your car will become like stepping into enhanced reality, where contextual information about the world around you is overlaid on the physical view by transparent displays, giving Superhuman Insight.

In a vehicle, this insight is more valuable than almost anywhere else, due to the constantly changing location, and the need for safety and task-related information.

Spatial HMI has a myriad of use cases which promise to make vehicle occupancy safer, more productive, more comfortable and more engaging.
Jet Engine


For private road transport, Autoflow HMI can display route lines, POIs, Hazards, and AI Intent to increase trust and comfort.

Visual Effects


For off-road applications, Autoflow can display in-situ pathing through terrain and invisible hazards for effective navigation.

Jet Engine


In tasks like motorsport, Autoflow can enhance user ability through optimised routing & hazards presented spatially.

Visual Effects


Visualise operating zones, machinery pathing, goals and safety information in-situ for safer and more productive operations.

What is AF-Spatial?

Autoflow Spatial is a unified platform for creating, validating and deploying Spatial HMI. It provides a powerful standardised toolset for creating immersive occupant experiences for vehicle cockpits. It is agnostic to displays, processors and data sources, and can be configured to integrate with transparent displays such as HUD or HMDs.

See below for an overview of AF-Spatial Workflow.
Autoflow Anatomy

How do I get it?

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