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AF-Instruments provides a toolset inside Unreal Engine to enable rapid creation of Data-Driven HMI components with infinite states, rendered in realtime.

Infinite State HMI
AF-Instruments allows you to rapidly create data-driven components and HMI screens. AF-I is provided as a plugin to Unreal Engine, allowing the flexibility to utilise the entire power of Unreal Engine's realtime rendering capabilities, alongside unparalleled VFX and interactivity options.

Direct data bus connectivity is built-in, alongside a library of automotive-specific components for quickly building up complex data-driven screens.

AF-Instruments can be integrated into UE4 based simulators for in-situ testing. 

Instruments for In-plane TD

Create non-spatial content for transparent displays. This video was showcased at CES 2020 by Texas Instruments as part of their transparent display demo. 

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